Sfoglia is a recipe based on flour, water, sugar and butter and characterized by a particular care in the workmanship of the dough in order to include air between the various layers of pastry and to enable its expansion during the cooking.

Dulcis Mania’s sfoglia, worked according to the best criteria of tradition and using the best technology, is distinguished by the unequivocal fragrance and crunchiness. We invite you to count the number of sfoglie
you will find in our package and to compare it with our competitors.

To get a good sfoglia, need high quality raw materials, starting with the fundamental element of our recipe…
the BUTTER. Our company uses exclusively anydrous butter provided by two industry leaders as CORMAN and FLECHARD.



Carnival belongs to the Christian tradition, but has its roots in ancient pagan rites in which expressed the temporary breakup of social obligations and the overthrow
of hierarchies.

The element common to all cultures for this event is the consumption of food and drink up to satiety, which has left its traces in the traditional cuisine of
any Italian region.

Still nowadays in Italy you prepare typical Carnival sweets heirs of frictilie of ancient Romans.

During latest years we have seen an increase of consumption of our typical sweets, even anticipated to autumn; we have recorded an annual growth of orders from our customers of around 35% in the period october-december.

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